Even if you are not driving your car much, you will still need some kind of auto repairs or service. How often you need to take your car to the auto shop depends on the maintenance schedule and how you care for it while it is idle. Here are some things you should still do even if you aren't driving your car that much or for long distances.

Keep an Eye on Your Oil

Most manufacturers either have a time or mileage recommendation for oil changes. If you drive your car rarely, then go by the time recommendation. If you have a newer car with an indicator for oil life percentage, then you can use that as well. Even if you are not driving, you will likely see your oil life percentage go down.

Drive Your Car Occasionally

Even though you don't have to, try taking a drive once in a while. Preferably drive your car at least once a month. Make sure the drive is long enough to thoroughly warm up the engine. This will help burn off carbon buildup and keep your battery charged.

Check Your Tire Inflation

Tires tend to lose pressure when they sit for long periods. Plus, the outside temperature causes changes in pressure. Check your tires at least once a month to ensure that they maintain their pressure. If you let them get too low, then you could be putting extra stress on your rims and suspension system. This could cause a future blowout when you do decide to drive.

Clean Your Car

Clean your car's exterior to keep dust and dirt from damaging the paint over time. Make sure your car's waxing schedule is up to date. If you don't store your car in a garage, then cover it with a good quality cover for added protection.

Fuel Up Your Car

Keeping your fuel tank mostly full will help reduce corrosion and rust in and on the tank. You can also use additives, such as fuel stabilizer. This chemical helps to slow the breakdown of your fuel.

Fix Your Leaks

Check your vehicle over for any leaks or bad hoses. The perfect time to take your car to the shop is when you aren't planning on using it. Fixing leaks could keep them from getting worse and causing more problems down the road.

Just because you are not currently driving your car doesn't mean you do not need to do things to take care of it. Even if you don't leave your home that often, try to take a look at your car to ensure that everything is still in working order. If you don't plan to use your car for a very long period, then contact an auto repair shop for additional tips on long term storage and for needed maintenance.

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