Is your car acting weird and you're not sure what is wrong? It could be in need of transmission replacement. Here are some signs that you're experiencing transmission trouble that can lead to the need for this expensive repair.

Transmission Slipping

When your vehicle's automatic transmission is slipping, it is going to feel like it is losing a lot of power. You should look at the RPM meter and speedometer to get an idea of how the transmission is behaving. If you're accelerating quickly and the RPMs increase but the speed is not increasing, this means that the transmission is not automatically changing gears. In fact, the vehicle may abruptly change gears, and it will cause the RPMs to decrease as the speed starts to increase.

Rough Shifting

The transition between gears should be very smooth with your automatic transmission. You should not even be able to tell that shifting is happening in the background if the part is working properly. However, rough shifting is going to cause the car to make a notable jerk when it shifts gears. You'll likely notice this because it will be big enough to cause you to jerk forward in your seat.

Delayed Park-To-Drive Shifting

Another sign can happen as soon as you get into your car. Your vehicle should be very responsive when moving from park to drive so that you can get going quickly. However, a bad transmission is going to cause a notable delay between when the two happen. You may even give the vehicle some gas and see that it does nothing, and then the car suddenly takes off with the engine revving. 

An exception to this may be when you're first starting up your vehicle in very cold weather. Your vehicle may need some time to warm up so that the parts in the transmission can move freely. If you do notice a delay when shifting to drive on a cold day, try it again when you reach your destination and the car is all warmed up.

Dashboard Warnings

Of course, there may be a clear warning light on the dashboard saying that something is wrong with your engine. Take your vehicle to a local auto shop to read the warning code, which may indicate that it is a specific transmission problem that needs to be addressed. Your local auto parts store will typically offer code reading services as well, since they want to get your business too. 

Contact a company that offers auto transmission services to learn more.