Cars and trucks have many moving parts, and sometimes things work loose and rattle. Something that is not functioning correctly may make a noise you never heard before. Figuring out what that noise is and getting it fixed could be important, and there are some things you can check to try and figure it out. 

Rattling Noises

One of the most common noises that people hear under their car is an odd rattling noise when they drive or hit a bump in the road. Often this is because something is loose under the car, and there are a couple of common culprits you can check before you take your vehicle to the auto repair shop.

One of the most common things that loosen up under the car is the exhaust system. If an exhaust hanger breaks or comes loose, the muffler and exhaust pipes can move around under the car and band on the frame or the floorboards. 

Look under the car, and if you see the exhaust sagging, you can try wiggling it. Make sure the exhaust is not hot when you do that. If it moves around, take the car to a muffler shop or an auto repair shop that works on mufflers, and they can fix it for you. 

If the exhaust is tight and does not move, look at the shock absorbers behind the tires. Often the bushings in them break down and allow the shock to rattle on the mount. If you cant tell, you can take the car into the auto repair shop for a full inspection, and they will find the rattle for you.

Load Rumbling Noises

A loud rumbling that starts suddenly is often cause for concern. It could be a hole in the muffler, or an exhaust system connection that has come loose. Rust holes are not uncommon on mufflers as they age, and the fix is not complicated. The auto repair center can replace the muffler for you and check the rest of the exhaust system while they are under the car. 

If you notice an exhaust odor coming into the car when the rumbling starts, you need to take the car to the shop right away. Exhaust fumes that are seeping in your vehicle are incredibly unhealthy and could result in the driver passing out or worse. The fumes, when concentrated, can be deadly.

If you hear a loud rumble under the car, you can look for a hole in the muffler, but it could be on top and hard to see. In most cases, noises that you can't find the source of right away should be investigated by an auto repair shop for your safety.