Auto glass damage can be a significant problem for any motorist, but it can also be an unavoidable threat. For example, stone chips can be a common windshield problem due to the fact that the cars in front of your vehicle may cause small rocks to become airborne.

What Makes Stone Chips Particularly Problematic For Windshields?

Stone chips can be a particularly significant problem for a windshield to experience. When a stone strikes this pane of glass, it can hit it with tremendous force. As a result, the cracks that it may leave behind can be particularly deep. Unfortunately, extremely deep cracks in a windshield can be far more prone to greatly increase in size. This is due to the ability of water to get into these small spaces where it can put a lot of pressure on the surrounding glass.

Will A Stone Chip Be Particularly Difficult Or Expensive To Repair?

While a stone chip can be a particularly dangerous type of damage to your windshield, it is not especially difficult to repair. For example, an auto glass repair service will be able to use a standard glass resin in order to fill this chip. By filling the chip with a clear resin, it will be possible for you to greatly reduce any visual impacts the chip may have as well as strengthening the glass so that it will be less likely to experience a failure or for the chip to increase in size. Additionally, this can be an extremely affordable repair for most individuals as it is commonly covered under most insurance policies. Furthermore, if the costs of repairing a stone chip are compared to the costs of replacing the windshield, repairing it will always be the far more affordable option for a car owner.

How Long Will The Resin Used During A Stone Chip Repair Last?

When a vehicle owner learns that a resin will be applied to the windshield to address the chip, they may assume that this resin will have a fairly short life or otherwise be prone to failure. In reality, these resins can form a durable chemical bond to the windshield that will allow them to last for a decade or longer. As a result, you will be able to use these services as a long-term solution for this damage while still keeping this repair work affordable and convenient. In order to get the best results from this work, the resin will have to be properly applied to the glass, which can require a high degree of skill and training.

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