Did you walk out to your car and discover that you have a flat tire?  It is possible that this was caused by puncture damage, which is actually possible to fix on your own. Here are some tips for repairing a hole in your tire so that you don't have to buy a brand new one.

Purchase A Tire Repair Kit

Your local auto parts store should sell tire repair kits, which have all the tools and materials you need to get the job done. It includes the reamer, plug insert, tire plug, and glue.  It's perfect if you are repairing one tire with a hole that is located in the tread and not the sidewall.

Jack Up The Vehicle

The next step is going to use a jack to raise up your vehicle so that you have access to the tire.  Make sure that you read the owner's manual of your vehicle to ensure that you are doing the job properly. There should be a safe spot to put the jack that will not cause any damage when you use it. You can now take the tire off your vehicle.

Find The Leak

You'll need to locate the leak if it is not incredibly obvious.  If you ran over a nail, you'll likely see the nail in the tire and need to pull it out.  If not, you'll have to fill the tire up with air to see where air is coming out. A good tip to find the leak is to mix liquid soap with water and pour it on the tire.  You'll eventually see a place on the tire that starts foaming up where the puncture is located. 

Remove The Debris

If you are pulling out a nail or other type of debris, make sure that you pull the item out as straight as possible, You do not want to cause more damage to the tire than what is already there.  If it's a nail, the nail may not be perfectly straight and you'll have to twist it as it is coming out.

Plug The Hole

Use the remaining tool from your repair kit and stick it in the punctured hole in the tire. You'll want to work it through the hole so that it is smooth and round. You can then thread the rubber plug into the plug insert tool, and cover it with glue so that the plug forms a good seal. Stick the insert tool into the hole with the plug according to the directions, and trim off any excess plug material.  

Check the tire pressure when you are finished and then check it again the next morning. If the plug worked, your tire should not lose any air pressure overnight. If you don't feel confident enough to fix your tire, take it to a tire repair shop.