Your vehicle has many different sensors that are designed to keep your car running, with one of them being the mass airflow sensor. The purpose of this sensor is to measure the amount of air that goes into the engine, which is then relayed to the engine control module to determine how much fuel is sent to the engine. When the mass airflow sensor is working properly, you will have the optimal air to fuel ratio for the combustion process. Here is how you can tell if you have a problem with the mass airflow sensor.

You Have Engine Error Codes

The mass airflow sensor is a part that may send an error code if something is wrong with it. This will be easy to identify with a service engine soon light on your vehicle's dashboard. A mechanic will hook up a special computer to your vehicle to read the code that is being transmitted, which will hopefully narrow it down to the mass airflow sensor.

For example, you may get the code P0100, which is a code that states there is a mass airflow circuit problem. The mechanic will likely check problems that can signal this code, such as a wiring issue to the mass airflow sensor.

Your Vehicle Does Not Start

The mass airflow sensor is one of the many reasons why a vehicle can have problems starting. It is possible that the mass airflow sensor is giving an improper airflow reading. This can include telling the engine control module that very little air is going to the engine, which will tell the module to send less fuel. It will be impossible to start your vehicle because the engine is not getting the fuel it needs

Your Vehicle Idles Roughly 

Does your vehicle shake when it is at a red light or stop sign? This is all related to the engine not getting enough fuel to mix with the air going into the engine, which will be noticeable when you are stationary while the vehicle is running. What you are experiencing is poor combustion efficiency with the engine misfiring, which translates to vibrations and rough idling. 

Have a suspicion that the mass airflow sensor is the problem that you are dealing with? Take your car to a local mechanic to have the problem professionally diagnosed and fixed. 

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