Auto glass replacement is common for windshields with cracks or damage that require new glass. However, there are many other reasons to replace a piece of glass in your vehicle, and taking your car or truck to an auto glass replacement service is the best way to ensure you get the correct glass properly installed in your vehicle.

Side Window Replacement 

The side window glass in your vehicle is durable, but it can sustain damage if hit by an object or if you are involved in a low-impact collision. The side window glass needs the attention of an auto glass replacement service, and the glass used must be DOT (department of transportation) approved glass for that vehicle's make and model.

The glass may be available through an auto parts retailer, but getting the seals in correctly and mounting the glass is often not something most people want to do. If the glass is not mounted right, it will leak, but taking your car to an auto glass replacement service and having a professional handle the job will often eliminate issues and save you time and frustration. 

If one of the moving windows needs replacement, the job can become more complex and involve disassembling the door panel inside the car to get to the mounting points and mechanism that supports the glass. In some cases, special tools are necessary to take the door panels off, and many times the clips and retainers used during assembly can become brittle and break if you try and force them out. 

Having the right tools and training to do the job is essential, and auto glass replacement is often not overly expensive, and your comprehensive insurance coverage may cover the cost. 

Windshield Replacement

If you need a new windshield in your car or truck, the best solution is to contact the local auto glass replacement service and discuss the situation. One car model may have several optional windshields available, so getting the correct one for your vehicle is vital. 

Many modern cars are incorporating auto braking sensors into the glass, so the tech replacing the glass will need to calibrate the system after the glass is changed. Additional sensors are finding their way into the windshield glass, and cars with auto parking or auto drive features can have complicated systems that must be right and often require more than just plugging in a connector when replacing the glass. 

Along with the sensors in the glass, more and more airbags are being added to the vehicle's interior. Replacing the glass may mean working around the canisters and airbags. Understanding these systems is essential, and the days of just popping out a window and replacing it at home are fading away. However, the professional auto glass replacement service can handle the job in the shop or on location when necessary.