The summer season is a time when many people travel. You have probably been on many summer road trips throughout the course of your life. In order to enjoy a road trip with friends or family members, you need to ensure that your vehicle is performing properly. The tires on your car have a direct impact on the safety of the vehicle while driving.

It's important that you take the time to learn about some of the common problems that can plague automotive tires during the summer season so that you will be prepared to make repairs when needed.

1. Punctures

Punctures are one of the most frequent tire issues a driver will face. If you are planning to spend more time on the road during the summer months, the number of tire punctures you experience can increase.

A puncture occurs when a sharp object penetrates the outer wall of the tire. These punctures can create a slow leak that will cause the affected tire to slowly lose air pressure, or they can cause a fast leak that results in an immediate flat tire.

Your local tire repair shop will be able to remove the object that has punctured your tire and seal off the hole left behind. Any puncture or small cut should be repairable if you visit a reputable tire shop.

2. Cracks

Cracks in your tires can weaken the integrity of the rubber. This makes your tires more susceptible to a sudden failure that could lead to a serious accident while you are driving.

Cracks are especially problematic during the summer months because they can be caused by UV exposure. The UV rays in sunlight can degrade tire rubber. As a result, hairline cracks can form. These hairline cracks expand as your tires come into contact with bumps and indentations on public roadways. If a crack expands too much, you will lose air pressure in the tire.

Your local tire shop will be able to repair the affected tire and get you back on the road.

3. Bulges

Bulges in the outer tire wall can wreak havoc on the integrity of your tires. A bulge will appear as a bubble-like formation on the outward-facing surface of the tire. Bulges are typically caused by some type of impact. Common impacts that cause bulges can include hitting a pothole at the wrong angle or running up onto a curb while turning.

Your local tire shop will have to remove the tire from the rim and rebalance it in order to eliminate any bulges.

Contact a local tire repair service to learn more.