A fifth wheel is a camper you tow behind your own truck or car. The name fifth wheel refers to the fact that your vehicle has four wheels and you are towing something else behind with wheels, thus making the camper the fifth wheel attached to your vehicle. There are certainly plenty of benefits to having a fifth wheel camper, including the fact that they do not cost as much as an RV and they will never require engine repair or engine maintenance. If you are considering purchasing one of these campers, here is where you can find used fifth wheels for sale. 

Camper and RV Dealerships

Camper and RV dealerships will frequently buy used fifth wheels, fix them up, and sell them for a profit. This is also a good resource to utilize if your fifth wheel ever needs some minor repairs, since the dealerships have their own specialty mechanics in house to fix these things up for resale. Check locally, and then check online classified ads. 

Online Classified Ads

Not only do the standard newspaper classified ads have their own online ads, but you can check with auction sites, social media classified ad sites, and regional online classifieds. A number of fifth wheel campers frequently go up for sale and are advertised in each of these locations. It is especially helpful to check regional classifieds in places where camping is a really big deal and a very popular activity. 

Auto Service Shop Lots

If you cannot seem to find something you like, take a U-turn and check with local auto service businesses, since they often fix up these campers or allow owners of these campers to place them on the auto shop's property where the campers will be visible to customers and people driving by. There is a very good chance you will find something akin to what you are looking for in a tow-behind camper on a mechanic's lot. If the mechanic actually worked on a fifth wheel that now sits on his or her lot, then you can ask him or her questions about it to see what has been repaired and if anything else on it still needs to be repaired before it is road-worthy. 

Also be sure to check salvage yards connected to auto service shops. Salvage yards may have several kinds of trailers on the lot. Some of them may not need a lot of work, which can help you get a great deal on your fifth wheel.