Auto transmission services are needed in a number of instances to avoid further damage to your transmission. The transmission in your vehicle can last up to 200,000 miles, but you have to take care of it when there are signs of trouble. While a fluid leak can be an easy repair, ignoring the fluid leak can cause the transmission to fail completely. Whether you have trouble changing gears, or your transmission warning light has turned on, any sign of problems with your transmission means it's time to bring your vehicle in for services. While, eventually, you may need to have a new transmission, catching problems early can help extend the life of your transmission.

You Have Fluid On Your Driveway

Transmission is purposely colored red so that you can identify transmission fluid when there is a leak. The fluid might look pink or red, depending on how much of it there is on the ground. The leak can be caused by a loose seal, an easy repair if you catch it on time.

When Your Warning Light Goes On

Dashboard warning lights are not supposed to be ignored. If the transmission warning light goes on, bring your vehicle in for auto transmission services right away. You may have low fluid, or your transmission is not working correctly and will cause problems with how your car drives.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

When you are driving a car that shifts automatically, you probably don't pay much attention as the gears shift. If you have problems with your transmission, you will begin to note issues with how your car shifts gears. If you have trouble getting up to speed on the highway, or your car lurches as you start to slow down, you could be having transmission problems. 

Delayed Engagement and Your Transmission

The transmission controls the direction of your wheels and how much power goes to each wheel. You might put your car in drive and it doesn't start moving forward right away. Delayed engagement can be hard to notice, or it can delay for an obvious period of time. When your car doesn't move when you put it into gear, the transmission needs to be inspected.

Keep your transmission as long as possible by getting auto transmission services when you need them. If you find a fluid leak or your transmission warning light goes on, get the help you need from a transmission repair service.