The ability to switch between gears is an important aspect of the functionality of a vehicle, and struggling to do so means that something is wrong. Even if you don't struggle to switch between gears but hear a popping sound during the process of doing so is a good sign that your vehicle is in need of an inspection. The first area of your vehicle that a mechanic is likely to focus on to resolve such a problem is the transmission since it plays a big role in gear functionality. However, a computer diagnostics test might be run on the vehicle as well to detect error codes that might need attention. There are several signs that will let a mechanic know if your transmission has minor problems, or if it is no longer in good shape and should be replaced.

Gear Shifting Delays & Noise

Gear shifting delays are a big sign that the transmission isn't in good shape, but it can be directly related to the gears as well. One thing that a mechanic can do to pinpoint the problem is to check the transmission fluid to find out if it is low or leaking out. Transmission fluid can easily be refilled, and a leak can usually be repaired in no time if left in the hands of a mechanic. If your gears or vehicle is noisy in general, it might also be due to the transmission being in bad shape. However, pinpointing the problem should be left to a professional because various other things can cause noise as well.

Seeing the Check Engine Light

It is common for a vehicle owner to automatically think that something is wrong with the engine when the light is on warning that it should be checked. However, the check engine light can point to something entirely different being wrong with the vehicle. Something that is indirectly connected like the transmission can be the reason for the light being on. For example, the transmission can cause the light to come on if it is unable to get power from the engine due to there being no transmission fluid in the vehicle. Transmission fluid is what the engine needs to create power for the transmission to work.

Jerking That is Getting Worse

When a vehicle jerks, it is something to be alarmed about because it often points to a transmission problem. If the jerking constantly gets worse, the transmission might actually be able to stop working. If no repairs can be made in such a case, your vehicle will need a replacement transmission. If you notice any of these signs, bring your car into an auto repair service.