One of the things you'll always want to do is keep your vehicle in good shape. This will allow you to get to where you need to be promptly. Having a car that is fully operational can ease your mind each time you need to drive it. However, there are certain signs that may show you that it could be time to schedule some dangerous repairs.

1. Squealing sound when hitting the brakes

If you tend to drive through the city a lot and there is a great deal of traffic, it's likely you'll be stopping and starting your car a great deal. This could end up causing the need for a car repair much sooner than you thought.

This activity will wear your brake pads down, and this the reason you may begin to hear the squealing sound. You'll need to put new pads in place for safety reasons and to help you reach your destination. Keep in mind that if your brake pads are making a squealing sound, there is a good chance the pads are worn.

2. Dark streaks on the garage floor

Seeing dark spots on the garage floor is a sign that some of your car's fluids may be leaking out, and you'll want to see what is causing this. You may have a hole in one of the vials that holds critical liquids to keep your car operational.

You'll want to be sure to refill these fluids before driving your car again, or you could risk doing severe damage to your vehicle, and this is the last thing you'll want.

3. Tires without sufficient tread

One of the most critical parts of your car is your tires. These should be in good condition and have enough tread for you to make your destinations safely.

However, if you've not purchased tires in a while, you may need to take a look at the tread on the ones you have. This can alert you that changes need to be made before you get back out on the open road.

Taking care of your vehicle is the best way to remain safe wherever you need to be. It's vital to take a close look at your car and ensure that it's in the best possible condition before leaving your home. Regardless if you're going on a short trip or a long one, you'll always want to be sure to get there with ease.

To learn more, contact a car repair shop.