The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) publishes crash studies and statistics every year. In recent years, there were around 36,120 vehicle fatalities and several other accidents that included injuries. Several of these accidents are just unfortunate or unavoidable, but it's important to control what you can control as a driver. As a responsible driver, you should never leave yourself open to equipment failure when on the road. The only way to be sure of this is to get necessary car repairs as quickly as you can from a professional shop. Here are some of the common repairs you should know about. 

Handle your carburetor and fuel injector services

Everyone goes straight to engine maintenance when it comes to taking care of a vehicle. However, there is no engine function without a working carburetor. The carburetor is the car part that combines your vehicle's gasoline with oxygen to create the combustion process. Small explosions happen in your engine that provides your car the force and power it needs to accelerate every time you hit the ignition. As such, you should repair or replace your carburetor as soon as you notice a problem with it. Getting your carburetor replaced can cost you between about $500 and $800 or so. 

Your vehicle also uses fuel injectors to facilitate the flow of gasoline from the tank throughout the entire system. Failing fuel injectors make your engine work way harder than it is supposed to. Sometimes your vehicle won't even start if it has dirty fuel injectors, especially if you live in a hilly area with steep terrain. Getting your fuel injectors clean costs about $50 to $80 and is a worthy first step to look into before you tear your engine apart troubleshooting. 

Keep your oil and transmission fluid cool and clean

Get oil changes every 6 months or so in order to keep your engine clean. This is one of the cheapest car services that you can get, but your engine won't last very long if you put it off. Your transmission is also important so that the vehicle is able to change gears without overheating and breaking down. Replacing your transmission is an extensive service that starts at about $1,800 and up. Change both of these fluids when needed and always keep the right type stocked in your car. 

Know your codes and repair the computer system when necessary 

Your car has a computer system that triggers codes when something goes wrong. Some common vehicle troubleshooting codes include P0010, which involves the camshaft actuator, P0101, which involves the mass airflow intake, and P0841, which refers to transmission fluid pressure systems. You can buy one of these code readers yourself or take your car to any auto shop to get it looked at whenever your vehicle's computer system triggers a code. 

Use this primer so you can get the car repairs that you need.