If car engine repair work is going to be necessary, the last thing you want is for it to sneak up on you. Keep an eye out for these 6 signs you might need to find an engine repair technician.

Fuel Economy Drops

Notably, this issue can be driven by a million mundane things, such as poorly inflated tires or even bad gas. Once you've eliminated the basic reasons for a decline in fuel economy, especially on trips where you can get the car out on the road and open the engine up, it's time to have a mechanic look at it.

Can't Climb Hills Well

Every car should have an appropriate amount of power for its size. If your car is struggling to get up hills, particularly compared to how it previously performed, this is a problem. Comparable scenarios to hill climbing include passing other vehicles and trying to get up ramps to highways. If it seems like you have to push the accelerator down hard to get any power, the engine may be struggling.

White, Gray, or Black Exhaust Fumes

Rolling smoke, even very white smoke, is not a good thing. Yes, sometimes it's just condensation on cold days, but you shouldn't see the exhaust in warmer weather. Similarly, look for small drips of water coming out of the tailpipe. Anything that indicates that oil or water is collecting in the exhaust is bad news.

Shuddering Acceleration

Another sign that your vehicle may have engine trouble is when it shudders, especially when you hit the gas pedal. Engines can sometimes struggle initially and then overcome whatever problem they have. However, this is bad for fuel economy, and the issue is likely to get progressively worse.


There is a temperature gauge on your car's dashboard, and it should usually hover a bit below halfway once the engine has warmed up. If this gauge moves well above that mark or moves above where you normally see it, that's not a good sign. Should the reading shoot up suddenly, get the car off the road as soon as possible because there's a high risk the water pump is failing. When a water pump fails, it runs the risk of taking out other components.

Squealing or Clattering Noises

Engines get nosier with time, but even an old one should not become obnoxiously loud. If the engine is becoming noticeably loud, there may be belts or chains in the motor failing.

To learn more, contact an engine repair service.