Spark plugs and the attached wires are components of a vehicle's ignition system. They should be replaced according to the schedule in the owner's manual. However, many people wait until symptoms develop which indicates this maintenance is overdue. Drivers without many years of experience may worry that a serious problem is occurring when the engine frequently misfires. Technicians providing car repair service can replace these components and perform other maintenance tasks as needed.

Signs of Worn Spark Plugs

Spark plugs provide electricity that ignites combustion to start a vehicle. They become worn as mileage increases, resulting in reduced engine performance. There may be trouble starting the car since the ignition process is less effective. Misfiring or lagging while accelerating is another symptom. The sense of the engine misfiring also happens while the vehicle is idling, so that idling is rough instead of smooth. This means the check engine light might turn on.

The Importance of Prompt Service

These symptoms shouldn't be ignored. The situation gradually worsens as the spark plugs continue to deteriorate. Eventually, the engine could stall during idling. When starting the car, the driver may need to make several attempts before the combustion process ignites. That puts additional wear and tear on the starter when multiple attempts are made while the engine is cold.

Time Frame

Depending on the quality of the plugs and wires, the replacement service might only be required every 100,000 miles. Copper components, for instance, last a shorter time than platinum ones do.

Carburetors and Fuel Injectors

Vehicles manufactured before the mid-1990s needed spark plug replacement much more frequently. As such, owners took their automobiles in for a multi-service appointment called a tune-up. Tuning and adjusting the carburetor was a priority.

All passenger automobiles manufactured since then have fuel injectors instead of carburetors. Adjustments to the idle speed and ignition timing are done automatically by the computer system. None of this work is done manually by automotive technicians or vehicle owners anymore except with vintage cars.

A Multi-Service Appointment

The name tune-up has become a misnomer of sorts, although people still commonly refer to the multi-service appointment this way. Spark plug replacement can be done at that time. Automotive technicians check everything under the hood and advise customers whether it's time to replace certain components. Belts may be fraying and hoses might be showing signs of wear. The air filter should be replaced if it's dirty, as a clogged filter decreases performance and fuel economy.

Vehicle owners needing these services can schedule an appointment with an auto repair garage at the earliest convenience. contact an auto repair company for more information.