An oil change is one of the more common maintenance tasks you will need to perform on your vehicle over its lifetime. Some car owners prefer to tackle the oil change on their own, but it is certainly possible to opt for an oil change provided by a professional as well. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to opt for a professional oil change service instead of doing it on your own.

Schedule Your Appointment Every Three Months So You Don't Delay the Change

The problem with doing your own oil change is that you can always come up with a reason to wait until the next day or the next week or the next month to do it. Do-it-yourself maintenance work can sometimes get kicked down the road because you just have other things going on and think it won't hurt to delay your car maintenance. When you schedule an appointment on a regular basis with your local oil change service, you'll make time to take the car there for the appointment. Ask the service or car shop to schedule your next appointment when you pick up the car after your next change. This will ensure more frequent oil changes and that could extend the life of your engine.

You've Got Things to Do, and Crawling Under a Dirty Car is Not One of Them

Yes, you can technically get down on the ground, crawl under the car, put a drain pan into position, drain the old oil, pray it doesn't splatter on you, and then put the new oil in. But maybe you just don't want to deal with all of that hassle. Doing your own oil changes might save you money, but it might actually take more time or need to be done at an inconvenient time when you would rather be doing something else besides working under your car.

Get Access to Premium Oil and Other Options You Might Not Find in Your Local Store

If you have a nicer car and want the best oil for it, you might be able to find more high-end options from a dedicated oil change service. Better oil might last longer and allow you to go longer than those three months between changes. You might also have access to premium oil filters or other products that you can't easily find in your local department store or a basic car parts store.

Contact a local oil change service today to get started.