One car problem that you may run into at some point is an overheating engine. It's a serious problem that should be repaired immediately to avoid causing a lot of damage, which is why you want to know the signs that your engine has an overheating problem.

The Temperature Gauge Is High

Your vehicle will have a temperature gauge that has both a low and high end on it. The temperature gauge should be reading right in the middle when your car has been running for a while and the engine is hot. Be aware that it is not good to see the engine's temperature higher than the middle of the gauge. This means it's running hot and there could be some sort of problem that requires attention, such as a lack of engine coolant. 

The Temperature Light is On

There may also be a temperature light, which is going to illuminate and produce a specific error code related to the engine's temperature. You can take your car to a mechanic and have the error code read by a computer, which can help further narrow down why the engine is overheating. 

The Engine Is Radiating A Lot Of Heat

Sometimes you can tell if your engine is overheating based on the heat that is radiating from the hood. The hood of a vehicle should never be too hot where you can't touch it to open it while the car is running. If the engine temperature is getting so hot that the hood is simply radiating a ton of heat, then you likely have a problem with the engine overheating.

The Engine Is Creating An Odor

Your engine has a lot of parts that can burn if it gets too hot. This includes oils, rubber gaskets, and rubber belts. An overheating engine can definitely cause some of those parts to burn and create a bad odor. You should stop driving your vehicle to avoid causing further damage at this point.

The Engine Is Leaking Coolant

The engine needs coolant in order to keep it at the right temperature. If you notice that your engine is leaking coolant, this can be a reason that it is getting too hot. Engine coolant can come in many different colors, but the key tell that it is engine coolant is that it is translucent. You'll likely be able to see the ground through the puddle of coolant that is left behind.

Look into auto repair services near you if you are having these issues.