The tires on your vehicle are necessary in order to get your vehicle to move. Without tires, you aren't going to be able to move. Your tires should be monitored and maintained in order to keep your vehicle moving. If you aren't watching for signs of tire wear or issues, you could be driving on tires that are dangerous, and you could end up in an accident or cause injury to you or someone else. Read on for some tire concerns you should be watching out for that may indicate a repair or replacement is necessary.


You may hear odd noises coming from beneath your vehicle. The noise may be louder the faster you drive. If you have flat tires, it may sound like slapping on the road, or it may sound like thudding if you have a broken belt in your tire. If you have odd tire wear, it may also cause noises that you aren't used to. If you hear any noises when you drive, you need to pull your vehicle over and inspect your vehicle, including its tires. Listen for any noises when driving to be sure you don't have any tire concerns.

Issues Stopping

If you have issues stopping your vehicle, it may be because of your tires. If your tires are bald or they are flat, it may cause all types of handling issues with your vehicle, including stopping. You may also have concerns with stopping on time if you are in an emergency situation. This is why having enough air in your tires is important, if you cannot stop in an emergency, you could be putting yourself and others at risk of injury.

Gas Guzzling

If your vehicle is guzzling gas at a much faster rate than what is normal for your vehicle, it could be because of your tires. Check the tire pressure in your tires and watch for uneven wear. Your vehicle may not be able to move at the right speed because the tires are holding it back from being able to do so. Pay attention to your gas usage and pay close attention to your tires as well.

If you have any of these signs in your vehicle, you need to pay attention to your tires and maintain them properly to help ensure proper vehicle performance to prevent injuries or other concerns. Take your vehicle in for a tire rotation often and have them replaced or repaired as needed. Reach out to a tire repair service near you to learn more.